Install AppImages & packages outside PureOS Store

Hello everyone, I have some questions.

Q1: Would it be possible to install AppImages from the web that are specified for Debian, since L5 runs on a fork of Debian?

Q2: Would it be possible to install packages with $ sudo dpkg -i <package-name> ?

About Q1, I think so, thats the idea behind AppImages, right? Haven’t tested that one myself.

About Q2, Yes definitely, this i have tried. And also with $ sudo apt install ./package.deb

I think for both options to work you need to get the arm64 packages instead of the x86 packages.
since most AppImages are build for x86 32/64 bit architecture they’ll probably not work on the Librem 5.
With deb packages the possibility of finding packages build for arm64 are higher.