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ISSUE: Cannot get past network connection.


Install Pure OS

  1. At prompt to choose which network to connect to I mistakenly entered the incorrect password.

  2. There is no ability to retry the password because screen will show “Connection failed - Activation of network connection failed”.

  3. Each retry assumes the same password, which is wrong.

SUMMARY: There should be a option upon connection failure to re-enter the password.


if you are using GNOME-shell then you could open up the terminal and write > nm-connection-editor

once the GUI front-end pops up you can delete/edit EXISTING network-connections and set-up new ones … it depends what your ISP uses to permit you access to the local-gateway

you didn’t specify what kind of link is established (RADIO or WIRED ?) and what type …

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Given the need for a password, I would assume wireless. Not too many people using 802.1X

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As I asked in the other thread, it would be good to know if this is something affecting a Librem laptop or if it is happening on some other hardware.

If it is some other hardware, it could potentially be driver issue, since PureOS doesn’t include proprietary drivers that a lot of hardware requires.

Actually (best method, just tested it), I think that @reC method (above post), already provides how to solution here, by using: $ nm-connection-editor, with sign below: Delete the selected connection. Etc.

indeed. i gave the terminal solution nm-connection-editor because the GUI-front-end-equivalent to this is “Advanced Network Configuration” in GNOME-shell but that isn’t VISIBLE in the “Show All Applications” (or press the “Super” key + “A” key) in all GNOME default GNU/Linux distros … there are some that will ONLY pop the GUI if you do it from the terminal FIRST … hope that helps

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Failure to connect is not what this topic is about. I have a separate Post regarding failure to connect, the one you linked to…

This is about only having ONE opportunity to put in the password correctly.

BUT, Apologies. I should have been more detailed and just answered your question in the correct Topic . I installed Pure OA on a Toshiba A660.

I’ll start at the beginning.

Wi-Fi version

  1. I followed instructions to create a install USB stick

  2. When I boot from stick, it gives me Install - Test or Install - Test Fails safe, or advanced (or words to that effect.) I use Test or Install and have no choice to install, just get to test running off the USB stick.

  3. Once past selecting language/keyboard is WiFi setup. I see my network and click on that, it asks for password. I enter it, and immediately, the connection failed box appears at top, while the connecting icon still spins in circles.

I haven’t yet figured out how boot from USB without having too install it every time, choose keyboard and so on.

There was no ‘Retry’ to re-enter the password. Beyond all that, I understand how the two issues, only 1 crack at entering password, and No W-Fi can have the cause.

If I “Skip” network then I can start using PURE OS. BUT no Wi-Fi

Cabled version:

Sticking a cable in does nothing. I can’t find any settings to connect to the Router via cable.

Checking I see many others, but their issue is Pure can’t find the network card. My error is password/connection failed.

But this post is not to do with that. It’s to do with what happened when entering the password. When entering he password, as soon as submitted it, realize I typed a ‘z’ instead of a ‘Z’. This is about a suggestion that to allow a second try at entering password correctly.

That all said, no matter what, I still cannot connect, with Wi-Fi or cabled. But that is my other post, “Cannot connect to network

I just thought the Devs might like to know that a Retry was offered.