Install Tianocore Payload?


Can i swap out the payload coreboot uses for my own? How would I do that?

I see that my coreboot is currently using SeaBIOS, which boots in legacy mode. I’d like to boot operating systems labeled with GPT and using UEFI, and I think Tianocore can do that for me. However, I don’t know how to change the payloads that coreboot uses, and it seems as if no one on the internet can give me a straight answer to how to do so. Does anybody here have instructions onhow to swap out the coreboot payload so that I can install Gentoo under an open source UEFI bios?


Any progress on this? I´ve been looking at building a custom tianocore payload for another board/chipset. I´ve had little success thus far, but I would be very interested in seeing progress in this direction for these laptops as well.