Install tsetup.2.1.13.tar.xz

I downloaded this archive tsetup.2.1.13.tar.xz
but since I have so little knowledge of Debian, I don’t know how to install it.
Would you guys give me the command lines please, so I can copy them into the terminal and execute them?

You can’t expect anyone to answer your question if you don’t tell anyone what program that you are trying to install. There are literally thousands of programs that start with the letter T in Linux.

Here are instructions for how to install Telegram in Linux.


Thank you so much. I got it working.

Funny that you started like that, and then you apparently managed to answer the question anyway. :slight_smile:


Yes, I found the answer after I spent time explaining how to use tar to decompress the file and how to look for an INSTALL or readme file for instructions. Then right before I posted I googled the file name and found out that it was Telegram, so I was annoyed.