Install usb wifi

I purchased a USB wifi dongle with linux driver but i can’t get it to work.
I am running PureOS on a MAC.
The wifi usb is a 802.IIN.
The driver is RTL8821AU.
I extracted stuff until i got to a .tar.gz archive and tried using the sudo apt install command on it. But it said unable to locate package.
Now what?

Where did you get the driver?
If downloaded, what is the name of the file?
Did it come with instructions?

You will also need to install this firmware package:

(See how:


It installed one driver and then got stuck because the laptop doesn’t have internet connection.
I have another laptop to download files. What else do i need?

I think that the only thing you need is to follow is what @mladen already wrote, nothing else. Just download firmware-realtek_20190114-2_all.deb to some particular folder and proceed as described in second, See how, step.

Optionally, if you (already) have working Ethernet cable connection this method, within Terminal, will end up in same result:
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade
$ sudo apt install firmware-realtek
$ reboot

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Okay, I found someone I could plug in my Mac and get online to get the drivers installed. Now the wireless USB is working.
Thank you all.

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this “sudo apt install firmware-realtek” is non-free software right?

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I didn’t pay anything.

Yes, sorry (as I mentioned this to @Ralf it was kind of self-explanatory) I skipped to mention this:

Yes. Most WIFi hw requires non-free firmware blobs.

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How do you remove it again?

$ sudo apt purge firmware-realtek