Install Windows Qubes

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to install windows inside qubes with no luck at all.

I tried windows 10 ISO & windows 7 ISO same problem

when I choose the ISO file and launch the installation process during the installation process (when the VM need to restart to finalize the installation as a default behavior during windows OS installation) I always receive BOOTMGR is missing or no bootable disk every time I start the VM after the shutdown during the installation I could not find any documentation or tutorial to follow

windows ISO files hosted on USB and I’m copying these ISO to sys-usb locally then use them for installation.

can anyone help me please with that? because this is the last hope before I remove Qubes OS entirely and install Pure OS

My main purpose is running nested VM inside VM so I wonder if Pure OS support that too.

You need to go to Qubes OS forum to get help here. Some existing threads which may be helpful:

I just successfully installed my first Windows VM using this script, takes a lot of pain out of the process.

Just makes sure that your Qubes default template is redhat, and not debian, or it will fail.

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