Installation help on Lenovo laptop

I really want to try PureOS and am currently using Fedora. I want to switch to something that may run a bit smoother on my Ideapad. I am having trouble with the laptop reading the usb stick even though I used Etcher to flash it, turned secure boot off, and set my BIOS to read the stick first. I have the ability to use an SD card and may try that but, was wondering if there could be something I am missing.

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Is it a SanDisk cruzer series? I’ve had some weird behavior from those.

No, it’s a microcenter brand. Though I did see that someone partitioned their thumb drive for the install and I will try that as well. I haven’t ever had to partition for an install so it will be a new one for me. I have run Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and a few other Debian derivatives on my old machine and curious to see how this works.

Also why should I have to set my BIOS to run in legacy mode? It seems to me that a new distro should be able to run on new settings. Am I over thinking this?