Installed PureOS fails to boot on secondary drive

I’ve been trying to install PureOS as my secondary OS on the samsung SSD attached as my secondary drive (/dev/sda) on my librem15v3.

Unfortunately, PureOS (and every other OS I’ve attempted to install on the secondary drive fails to boot after being installed. When I select it from the start-menu, seaBIOS says “booting from harddisk…” and then simply hangs.

I’ve installed the OS by booting the live USB & allowing it to wipe and install on the secondary drive (/dev/sda) with default settings.

Any help would be welcome! I didn’t know whether to post this under Librem hardware or PureOS, so let me know if this is the wrong place. Thanks!

Latest boot firmware?

Exact make and model of SSD?

Are you able to fault isolate by confirming that the SSD will boot in another computer?

Post photo of boot screen? (May not show anything interesting from the sounds of it.)

Yes, I updated SeaBIOS yesterday.

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD

I dont have another computer to test on

The boot screen isn’t very interesting, you’re right. It literally just says the seaBIOS version, the possible boot options, and then when I select the Samsung drive Booting from harddrive… The rest of the screen just remains black

@MrChromebox might have some insight

Usually for 2 or more drives with different or any OS installed on each should read as
/dev/sda1 (primary)
/dev/sdb1 (secondary)
Any drive without OS installed on would read like this
/dev/sda or /dev/sdb (without numbers after last letter)

sda is my secondary, my primary is an nvme drive, so its at /dev/nvme0n1

my primary boot is on /dev/nvme0n1p1 and my secondary boot (if it were working) is on /dev/sda1

I’m not familar with Librem15 bios and its motherboard with its drive settings if you can adjust boot order to make sure it doesn’t try to boot both drives at same time. You could try boot repair app for your grub. Try plug your sata cable to next port that’s connected to your ssd if there’s more than one.

I know that switching boot order works as I can successfully choose USB drives and boot those.

There’s only one SATA cable in the Librem 15, unless I’m missing something.

I have chrooted into the system and ran the normal boot fixing commands (grub-install, grub-update) to no avail.

Perhaps I should try dding an iso onto the SSD and booting that to see if it’s the drive or the boot configuration on the drive.

it’s almost certainly an issue with the SATA HSIO (high speed IO) tuning – when we enabled 6Gbps operation there were a few drives that didn’t cooperate, but I thought I’d resolved that in subsequent updates.

One workaround would be to try adding libata.force=3.0 to the kernel boot params and see if that does the trick. Otherwise, I could whip up a debug build that sets the SATA speed back to 3Gbps and that would likely resolve the issue

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Either works for me. Would that involve editing the grub config I imagine?

Sucks that I got a drive that I wont be able to use at its highest speed on this computer.

Unfortunately, now the PureOS ISO no longer boots on my USB (I just freshly used dd to get it onto a USB that it was working on previously, and checked the sha256sum).

This doesn’t seem to be related to this issue specifically though, but here’s what I get when it boots. I apologize for the terrible quality, but it is just about readable haha.

Sorry for all of the posts. I dont know exactly how, but the same USB drive that was giving me these errors eventually successfully booted & I installed PureOS again. I also chrooted into the system and added the kernel parameter requested to my grub defaults and reinstalled my grub config. Unfortunately, I think the problem is happening before grub is reached so the kernel parameter never has a chance to come into play.

I think that I might need to flash a new BIOS to fix this issue.

@MrChromebox Sorry to bother you if you already were getting notifications for this thread, but I thought I’d ping just in case, now that the weekend is over.

If you could help me with the debug build, that’d be amazing :slight_smile:

please use the debug-branch utility script to update via precompiled image:

and LMK if that fixes the issue

It did fix the issue! Thank you so much!

What does this mean for my future BIOS updates? Will I always need to install a non-mainline branch from now on?

it means I need to figure out how to fix 6Gbps SATA for everyone so you don’t have to do that


All right, let me know if you need me to test anything :slight_smile: