Installing Anaconda seems to go ... weird

I have a new Librem 15 with all updates and upgrades installed. I’m trying to install Anaconda, I download the installer, run it as bash Anaconda... and it seems to run fine except that it prompts me to install in /root/anaconda3 which seems weird since on my old machine it installed to ~/anaconda3. Well I figure there may be a good reason so I install to the root directory. Turns out that won’t work because you can only run the application as root (big surprise, I know) but as root it can’t find a display method. Fine, I uninstall Anaconda (conda install anaconda-clean then anaconda-clean). Then I install again but this time I redirect it to install at ~/anaconda3. There is a point at which it asks if I want to update the /root/.bashrc file and I say no because I figure I’m not installing there any more. But then it doesn’t prompt me to update ~/.bashrc. I also manually delete /root/anaconda3 After the install it doesn’t recognize the command conda or anaconda-navigator.

If I had to guess about a solution it would be to add to the end of ~/.bashrc the line


and then some appropriate sub-path. But before looking up what that sub-path should be I want to check to make sure I’m not doing anything dangerous.

Well… those two paths are obviously the same… if you are root :wink:
Maybe run the installation with your user account if you want to install it as user? :smiley:

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