Installing apps on Librem 5 shows no icons

I just upgraded to Byzantium using the flash script. The phone works much better in general than on Amber I think, but one annoying this I noticed was that when installing apps using the PureOS Store the app icons does not appear on the home screen. I can open them from the “Installed” tab in the Store, but not from the home screen. In amber this worked as expected. Has anyone else experienced this?

I also noticed some of the apps no longer being shown, it turned out that there is a new menu in the top-right corner (but below the menu with poweroff etc), where you can select “show only adaptive apps”, that I think was selected by default meaning that all apps are not shown. If you change it there to show all apps, including apps that are not considered adaptive, then more apps are shown.

Note that the “adaptive” label comes from a property set somewhere, that may not always be true, some apps are in fact adaptive but the “adaptive” property has not been set, and perhaps it can also be the other way around sometimes.


Happens on my Andoid too. Sometimes have to dig down to Settings then Apps then scroll down until I find it then “open” it. Hopefully I’m not looking for an App that starts with “z”.

I unchecked the box so as to display the VLC app I installed. Upon powering off the phone and subsequently powering back up, the “show only adaptive apps” box checked itself again and the VLC icon was again hidden. Evidently, if you prefer to display the non-adaptive apps, your choice is not persistent.

I’m not sure it’s only on my phone, but I did an upgrade today and then the menu to view non-adaptive apps has disappeared. I looked in settings and in the status bar but couldn’t find this option. Any ideas how to solve it now?

Scroll the list to the bottom :slight_smile:


You can add the app to the favorites list or force it to be shown in the adaptive apps list, using gsettings in the terminal or installing the GUI dconf-editor and adding the app to the list in /sm/puri/phosh/force-adaptative, you need to know the full name of the app to be able to do it like this.