Installing emacs 24.5

I have been looking for ways to install emacs24.5 or emacs-snapshot but I have been unable to do it.
I am new to debian -sorry everybody :frowning: - but I have been using arch for a while.
I found and added the repo for emacs-snapshot but I can not install any dependency.
If someone can point me to some instructionsā€¦ Thanks in advance guys

Hi many,
scroll down, download eg emacs24_24.5+1-6+b2_amd64.deb (eg for x86_64 architecture)
and simple doubleclick it :slight_smile:

Sorry, first
then select mirror near by :wink:

You can add the backports repository, which has an up-to-date version of emacs24:

If you want to get all the available backports, you can go into Synaptic preferences and temporarily set the Distribution choice to ā€œPrefer versions fromā€ backports, then mark all upgrades.