Installing PureOS is difficult when trying advanced installer options. (Non-Librem Hardware)

The PrueOS installer frequently crashed on me trying to install on multiple partitions and drives as per CIS benchmark requirements. I find it impossible to do it with encryption and the luks combining to create volumes don’t work as is, and trying with just multiple partitions I have to manually mount partitions and restart the installer to get it to work after the installer crashes.

I am on a X570 Aorus Extreme v.1.1 MB. With a Radeon 5700XT GPU and Ryzen 9 5950X.

I am currently running without encryption but want encryption with separate partitions for /var /var/log /var/log/audit /var/tmp /tmp /home and / and /boot, /swap but it is not working with the installer.

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Try using the installer with the default configuration instead of using advanced installer optons, as the default configuration already uses LUKS encryption.

GNU OS do not work on AMD. Go for cheaper generic Opensource OSes for AMD.

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AMD works fine with GNU. That is not a problem. Many prefer AMD when dealing with Linux


Not sir, True Gnu like PureOS do not work on AMD GPU, but Linux Generic OSes does like Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian.

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Maybe it’s better to put the previous point slightly differently: Any GPU that requires proprietary drivers or firmware in order to get all the functionality and performance that you paid for … would be better used with a distro other than PureOS.

I’m more familiar with nVidia than AMD GPUs and, there, the basic point is, yes, you can use the open source nouveau driver but you won’t be able to get maximum benefit from the GPU that you bought. You can taint the kernel by installing the blackbox nVidia driver but then why would you want to run PureOS in that case. You can’t be both pure and impure. :wink:


I am using X470 Aorus Gaming Wifi with Nvidia 2080 Ti GPU and Ryzen 7 2700x, and when I installed PureOS on this machine using the installer it is running fine without driver modifications. As @irvinewade stated, nouveau is sufficient to handle the GPU. But also, things seem fine with regards to handling the CPU. So, I don’t think any proprietary drivers are in use.

But I did a simple install. I don’t have independent encryption on separate partitions. As far as I know, the PureOS installer is “broken” and has been for some time, wherein attempts to turn off disk encryption while installing will be blocked by the GUI because it does not allow the user to click “Next”.

Maybe I’m crazy, but would it be reasonable to install PureOS to / first, then once you have a running system, create additional partitions and configure them to auto-mount into these other locations while the system is off and you’re booted from some other bootable linux drive?

I guess I would have to go back and look at what options the installer is offering.


And some people would want to use a swap file, rather than a swap partition.