Installing PureOS on 2016 MacBook Pro?

If and when I get my Librem 5, I’d also like my desktop to run the same OS. Thinking of trying to squeeze a bit more life out of my MacBook Pro before getting a Librem 15. Would PureOS run on a 2016 MacBook Pro?

I’m a non-techie and not sure where to start… Might have to find a nearby Linux guru to help me.

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hi ! i’m no guru but i think you’ll have better luck getting debian on your Mac than pureOS.
pureOS is a freedom-respecting OS and a custom tweaked variant of debian 64 bit for proper freedom-respecting Purism hardware (librem 5,13,15).

debian is non-freedom-respecting because it includes by default software that is just open-source.

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My first experience with Linux was installing Arch on my MacBook. I would recommend installing a distro that allows propretary firmware in its repositories; if you feel like you could use Linux as your daily OS, consider buying a Librem laptop once you’re ready to replace your computer with something that is made to respect you and your privacy. I bought a Librem 15 last October, and I’ve honestly never been happier with a computer. I don’t think I would have been able to appreciate it as much without the experience of having to struggle to install another operating system on a machine I paid through the nose for the “privilege” of using.


Some of the advantages of PureOS are close to hardware. Because we only use free software and control our own hardware, we’re able to modify the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and the Intel Management Engine on our laptops. We also replace the proprietary BIOS with Coreboot (now Pureboot with the addition of Heads.)

This all means that PureOS is really closely adapted to the Librem line of laptops and other companies laptops are not ideally configured for our OS.

You can run it in a Virtual Machine or in a container if that is of interest.