Installing PureOS on a thinkpad x200 with libreboot


I bought an X200 with libreboot installed on it. I have Trisquel Gnu/Linux installed on it. I’d like to try PureOS but I can’t seem to boot into the installer. I don’t have this problem with Trisquel, Debian, Parabola or Freenix, but PureOS flashes the PureOS boot screen but with the libreboot menu. If there were a PureOs netinst like Debian, I wouldn’t have that problem. Are there any other install images beside the live iso


hi ! pureOS is designed to work out of the box only on librem hardware (laptops and smartphone so far ). internally it uses only 64 bit instructions no 32bit (x86). this is because the intel processor architecture from the librem 13 and 15 laptops is x64 (64 bit). they also have other scripts and software mechanisms in place that make it harder to install PureOS by default on other hardware(even if they are libre/open-source like the x200) see below more details



It has nothing to do with the PureOS. The installer doesn’t boot in UEFI mode, try to set Libreboot boot setting to legacy and later install grub manually.

I have been using pureOS on my dell XPS since more than a year now and I had no issues whatsoever. Though I had to install a few binary firmware blobs for wifi, display etc. Debian doesn’t include proprietary firmware so I knew without these blobs wifi will not work ( display works without blobs, but I prefer Intel firmware which is power efficient)


How do I set Libreboot to legacy? I can’t get to a command line by hitting “c”. Nothing happens. Unless there’s something I’m doing wrong.