Installing PureOS without Disk Encryption is Broken?

Installing PureOS from live image on x86 machine. Whenever I try to de-select the option to encrypt the disk in the installer, I cannot go to the next step and install PureOS to disk. Am I supposed to be able to install PureOS without encryption? Or is this a bug in the installer?

I assume it is a bug, not a feature.


In the PureOS installer, if you are unable to proceed with the installation when you deselect the option to encrypt the disk, it could be due to a couple of reasons.

You must check system requirements- ensure that your x86 machine meets the minimum system requirements for PureOS. While encryption shouldn’t be a requirement for installation, it’s possible that there might be hardware or configuration issues causing this behavior.


This issue sounds very similar to what you are experiencing: ⚓ T800 Fix checkbox behavior in Calamares at the passphrase stage