Installing Virtual Box + Whonix


Recently decided to try and set up a VM with whonix on my librem 15, Gnome boxes did not seem to work with the .ova file so i tried the listed steps on whonix for Virtual box. When i got Virtual box installed It still would just consist of errors.

Is there a process for a noob like myself that can help fix this problem. I am not sure if Pureos is capable of running Virtual box with whonix? please keep in mind I am new to linux and learning each day.


What kind of errors are you recieving?

You should use kvm/libvirt/qemu for this, look here:

I never actually tried VirtualBox or VMware player or boxes on PureOS, but I am sure it works same as in any other OS. I never tried put sometimes preinstalled OS VMs have issues.
it is best to install PureOS and all the core apps for whonix, like tor onion share etc.

Tails (based on Debian) is better privacy oriented Linux OS tails is simple to setup.
From Virtual Machine software I would recommend Virtual Box as my first choice or VMware
you can find a lot of tutorials for Virtualbox even on youtube.

FYI I personally never trust that anyone can stay 100% anonimous online, cause for example your router has OS so … I personally use PfSense or OpenWRT, but most home router are the worse security risk since they are models few years old without update for many years if ever, so as much as you protect your PC don’t forget the router.

Best of luck with any Linux you choose, its far better option then Windows in any case.
Regards, Alex

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You just know people who run qubes are laughing at our virtualisation software as they read this.


I am in the same boat, gave Gates the boot a year ago, became a Penguin and dove down the Linux wormhole, headfirst. Been hangin out with Alice ever since…
I bought one of the last LIB15s and a LIB5 in an effort to support the folks at Purism, still waiting on my phone, so I can give Apple and Verizon the boot next.
One thing for sure, there is never a dull day in Distro Land, always something else to explore.
It’s an adventure, if your wired that way, otherwise, not so much…
I’m very curious, so its all good with me.

I set up and ran the BOXES virtual software that came with my Lib15, it crashes as soon as it starts, do I try and figure out why? Or do I go back to VB or VM which I am familiar with? Trying to sort it all out is time consuming. Your advice is very helpful, thanks for sharing this. I think I will explore this path and see where it leads me next.
Greatly appreciated!

I think what you are really looking for is Qubes which already got a whonix and Tor VM available and is based on Fedora which your other thread about the Software app suggests.
It also known to run run really well on Librem Laptops and in use by multiple People working at Purism.
I plan on using it as soon as my Librem14 arrives.

I have CubesOs on a USB and installed on another laptop.
It was not the easiest OS to use, but that was over a year ago and I was pretty green.
Probably need to take it out for another test drive.

Fedora is my daily driver on my Precision puter.
Been monkeying around with RHEL as well, Fedora is sort of the stepping stone into the world of RedHat, at least for me.

Having used CubesOS before, I understand what your saying, I also have Subgraph installed on another machine that I have played with, that I actually liked pretty well, for a developmental OS, that is pretty secure.

ParotsecOS is another OS that has Whonix and Tor preinstalled, that I really liked.
I guess I am confused why Purism does not include a TOR Bundle, on PureOS? Its not even in the software store…Seems like online security and privacy starts and ends with the Tor network.

What I am looking for is something that sits on my desktop, if I am going down a wormhole that I would prefer not to disclose to BIG TECH, or might be filled with land mines…I can launch the app which is basically running in its own virtual machine over the Tor network.

This also looks pretty interesting that was shared in this post, that I will explore further. A great point was made, the router is important as well.