Installing VMWare on PureOS with Virtual Win10 OS

I’m new to the community, hopefully your expertise can guide me in the right direction? I’m interested in installing PureOS with VMWare and running Windows 10. Are there any concerns or issues with installing VMWare on PureOS? Is PureOS compatible with VMWare distros, is anyone running a Win10 virtually on their PureOS system? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes, I use workstation. It works fine, you just have to be sure to have all the dependencies and allow it to compile at runtime.

It wasn’t that easy but there were enough guides out there and the script from VMware works well enough.


Not sure what level of customization/configuration you need, but I’ve used GNOME Boxes for Windows 10 VMs. I don’t do anything fancy with them, though.


Why don’t you try libvirt / virt-manager?
Using VMware professionally and libvirt personally on pureos and they have both their pros.