Installing zfs-fuse or zfs on Pureos?


I’m wondering how to get started with zfs-fuse or zfs on PureOS. (I have a Librem 13.) I was able to install zfs-fuse but I don’t know what to do next or even if it is supposed to work at all. There is no ‘zfs’ or ‘zpool’ command and while the ‘members’ are visible they aren’t readable. The ‘home page’ given in the debian package info goes to a dead-domain page. The only thorough linux documentation I’ve found is quite old and is for zfs, not zfs-fuse. Also it says to add contrib and nonfree to the packages list, which I really don’t want to do. Can someone point me in the right direction?


I don’t have any expertise in ZFS but the first obvious question is whether you are trying to do this for the root file system (likely to be more problematic) or another file system.

The second question is … as ZFS appears to be an Oracle proprietary thing, it doesn’t sit well with PureOS. Or are you trying to use OpenZFS? Either way, you may have to go outside the PureOS repository, and understand and manage that risk.

Anything using FUSE is likely to be safer but perhaps not as performant.

Speculating a lot … perhaps the FUSE package only allows you to access an existing ZFS file system and does not include the tools needed to manage it i.e. need some other package for that?