Installs Fine, Restart = "Boot Failed"

Please Help with PureOS install:
Installed via balenaEtcher using a clean thumb drive yesterday using whatever version 9.0 is from

  1. No problem installing.

  2. Went online but only by cable. Wi-fi is NOT today’ issue.

  3. Shutdown and after rebooted to:
    “boot failed… boot failed … boot failed.”
    Leaves me looking at "CLIENT MAC ADDRESS: YADDA YADDA (Great tool for finding MAC but it doesn’t say if it’s the GPU, CPU, APU or MBo MAC - doesn’t matter.

  4. Yes - I told it to use the HDD, not the thumb to install to.

  5. I have repeated the install 6 times now, and each time I shut down or let it sleep, restart brings up a “Boot failed”

Ideas are welcomed…

My rig exceeds the minimum with dual ore i5, 300G drive, 6G RAM, clean HDD that had Ubuntu 16.04 on it.

Oattions OK, installs OK, runs OK, but when it Sleeps, or is shut down, it always comes back with “Boot failed”.