Instructions for Installing Qubes on Librem

Does the Librem 15 come with any instructions on how to install Qubes? I was hoping to buy one with Qubes pre-installed, but the buying options do not seem to have that. However, they have an option to buy it with “PureOS + USB Flash Drive with Qubes OS”. Does it come with instructions on how to install Qubes from that USB?

Nope, but I remember seeing some threads on here about people who installed it. I would imagine it being a pretty straight forward and easy thing.

I bought a USB flash drive with Qubes and another with PureOS. Just haven’t gotten around to giving Qubes a try. Really enjoying PureOS for the time being.

Maybe I’m making assumptions here, but I just don’t think Qubes is going to be all that power efficient on a mobile platform just by nature of how it operates. Which is kind of why I haven’t tried it out yet.