Intel Dual Band Wireless 3165 AC

Hi there, as from my post’s title, I’m trying to figure out if a certain HW would work with PureOS.

In particular, I’m about to buy a new ThinkPad 13 (2016) which comes with a Intel Dual Band Wireless 3165 AC wireless card. By googling it had no results, so I’m turning to you to see if there would any issue in installing the OS on this machine.

Cheers to everybody,


Hi Hicalje,

Sorry for late response from us. Generally, PureOS does not have support for devices requiring non-free firmwares, but since it’s using Debian kernel, you should be able to load the required firmware. You can download it from Intel’s website (search “Linux* Support for Intel® Wi-Fi Adapters”) or you can even try with adding Debian non-free firmware repo to your synaptic and and simply install package firmware-iwlwifi.