Intel ME Disabling

Does anyone know if Intel ME is disabled by default tin Librem 12 Version 2 laptops?

Hi @privy,

Purism announced having fully disabled Intel ME. In this article, published on October 19, 2017, they add:

The Librem 13 and Librem 15 products can be purchased today and will arrive with the Management Engine disabled by default, and it can be verified to be disabled with the source code released to confirm the disablement is accurate.

Still, keeping your laptop up to date with the latest Coreboot version is not to be neglected :wink:

@privy, a word of warning: some people seem to experience CPU heat and power issues with the latest update. You may want to wait a little before updating coreboot :wink:

Thanks for the warning. I have updated and haven’t experienced any issues. I can’t speak for others…

Didn’t they push an update that had a work-around for the overheating problems?

It seems you are right. Post below from Purism coreboot engineer for reference

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