Intel ME Petition

Change[dot]org Intel ME Petition:

  We, the users of Intel CPUs, petition Intel to release an “ME-less” CPU design for future CPUs.

  Intel’s Management Engine (ME) is a threat to users’ digital rights. It is an unreadable binary file that is cryptographically signed by Intel, requiring users to compromise their security, privacy, and freedom because users must execute unknown and unverifiable code on the CPU.

  We request that Intel either release the source code under a free software license – allowing  > > users to sign their own Management Engine, or that Intel release an “ME-less” CPU design for  their CPUs.

Sign Petition at Change [dot] org (may require non-free JS):

Note: I created this petition a while ago, and must’ve forgotten to post it here.
Already has 200+ responses tho!

There is also an active Intel FSP petition (not created by me):

Warning: Please keep in mind that these petitions are as I know are not endorsed by Purism. They may also require non-free JS to sign.


There’s nothing wrong with such a petition, there have been quite a few in the past.
One by Purism in 2016.
As Intel doesn’t listen, they decided to instead go with a fully disabled ME, and hope to eventually move towards RISC-V. All explained in great detail in

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Don’t forget the AMD petitions!

The petition to AMD is closed, however.