Intel microcode updates for librem hardware

I read the blog post regarding meltdown and spectre on the purism website. It didn’t mention any thing about deploying microcode patches from Intel for these vulnerabilities. Does purism plan on distributing these updates/patches to librem owners somehow?


I guess they rather leave that to the kernel developers, linux can patch those while running.
As PureOS relies on Debian, they should arrive with kernel images if I am not mistaken.

You may find more information e.g. via

This blog post makes it sound like you can receive microcode updates from Intel if you so desire, though they will be proprietary:

Following the blog post instructions. Anyone else getting this error:

Reading package lists… Done
_Building dependency tree _
Reading state information… Done
E: **Unable to locate package intel-microcode**

Try running:
sudo apt update
and then try
sudo apt install intel-microcode

I updated the post to add the apt update step.

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updating the apt worked. Thanks!