Interact with shell on new Librem laptop

I feel so stupid here. The new laptop arrived and it does not have the Terminal app installed. Attempts to install any app result in the error: green/main amd64 gnome-terminal-data all 3.28.0-1 is not (yet) available (404 Not Found …)

I just want to get out of this GUI environment and get a shell so I can fix it! Vim won’t even launch (I was thinking it might have an escape to shell command).

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The terminal application that comes default with PureOS is called Tilix


sudo apt update

before any apt install command.


You could also use Ctrl+Alt+F[1:6] to get to a virtual terminal


Nice, although it looks like only Ctrl+Alt+F[3:6] give you ttys. For me, F1 switches to the desktop login screen and F2 goes back to the main desktop.