Interaction of Virtual and Bluetooth Keyboard (Squeekboard)

I noticed that when I use a Bluetooth keyboard with my L5, the virtual keyboard still pops open each time I select a text box, and I usually minimize it to save screen space. Is there a setting in squeekboard that can have the keyboard minimized by default when a Bluetooth keyboard is paired?

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Adding to that … this is not specific to a Bluetooth keyboard. If I had a wired keyboard connected directly or indirectly via USB, I might want the same thing.

Maybe search for any existing discussion in the context of convergence.


It’s in the plans, but too busy to take care of now.

I can help anyone who’s interested to implement this.


I appreciate the link and the level of detail in the write-up. I would be interested in helping in a project like this, as I have plenty of experience in C/C++/Python, but my free time is limited, and I worry I’ll commit to something I’ll only partially complete, especially if the scope is large.

If I were to commit to a project like this:

  1. Do I clone/develop through Gnome or purism Gitlab?
  2. If cloning from purism, how do I get access? I made an account through standard sign-in months ago but never got approved. I assume LDAP sign-in is reserved for your team members.
  3. Is there a page of guidelines to follow?
  4. What are the methods of communicating with developers to reach a stable solution? For example, how are merge requests done? Or how are WIP efforts handed off to those who can dedicate more time to it?

Yes, I think you want “Standard” sign in. However either way you need to get past the problem of getting approved. So you will need to follow that up.

You clone on Purism Gitlab, commit the changes in your clone, then use the online functionality to request a merge.

Just my opinion but I don’t think that’s going to work very well. As you imply, you need to commit to something that you realistically can complete.

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Phosh is developed on the gnome gitlab actually.

The writeup is detailed, but the scope is not large. It boils down to modifying phoc to send a Wayland event when a keyboard appears through a new private protocol. The Squeekboard side is connecting to that protocol and being ready to receive the event.


As for communication, jump into Matrix at or comment under the issue.