Interesting revelations about Google's search-engine deals & revenue

I wonder how Firefox will survive if their lucrative deal to make Google the default search engine goes away.


Firefox’s browser market share now is hardly notable even with Google as the default search engine, so I highly doubt there will be any significant changes with it gone from Firefox unless Mozilla is willing to take risks and challenge their competition.

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The trial continues. Firefox’s CEO Mitchell Baker testifies.

In her testimony, Baker actually admitted that Firefox users are subjected to more ads and more data tracking with Google as default search engine than they were when Yahoo became the default. (Yet Mozilla still went back to Google. Well… OK, Mitchell. That’s alright, then.)

Mozilla could be “biggest loser” if DOJ wins Google trial, ex-Google exec says

Could be right.

  • Google loses the case.
  • Google doesn’t pay Mozilla any more.
  • Google better off financially, therefore.
  • Mozilla falls over.
  • No more Firefox.
  • Google (Chrome) gains some of the modest browser market share that Firefox used to have. (Maybe not from the users of this forum but from the population as a whole.)

Wouldn’t that be a perverse outcome?

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