Internal speakers stopped working?

Internal speakers seem to have randomly stopped working. I’m not sure if was associated to the last update, as I don’t use them very often.

External speakers plugged into the speaker jack work just fine. Its the internals that have stopped.

I don’t see a red light coming out of the jack, so I don’t think its trying to pass an audio signal through the jack when unplugged.

All the settings seem to be in order.

The speaker tests fail. No sound comes out.

Please advise…


Plaese install or open (if istalled already) ‘pavucontrol’. Sometimes audio outputs get mixed up and routed wrong. In pavucontrol you can individually control, en- or disable and route each source and sink.


Port: Internal speakers show “unavailable”.

I think it thinks external speakers are plugged in.

Is there a way to override or reset this?

UPDATE: Plugging in / unplugging a USB mouse, the internal speakers started working for a moment… then stopped again.

Very strange.
What does all this add up to?
Whats the fix?

Loose connection?

Warranty service? Maybe get warranty service but start the process by sending some photos of the innards in case there is something obvious.

I might not be clear on what you’ve already done already to solve this, but have you gone into sound settings and manually adjusted where it says ‘Choose device for sound output’ and chosen ‘Speakers - Built-in audio’? Every time I use and external speaker I always have to manually change the settings as it unfortunately does not auto adjust/detect when I unplug an external speaker.

Yes… I’ve tested those settings.

I can see through this page that you are not alone in this (and possibly, by extension, similar to this thread ).

You may need to contact customer support directly to resolve this as it may be a bug in your system, particularly if you’ve just had an update, or it could possibly even be a plugin that is interfering.

Hopefully someone who actually knows what they’re talking about will reply to your post with a solution.

Best of luck with it all.

UPDATE: it randomly started working again.
I suspect it might have something to do with the computer thinking it was still connected to an external monitor speakers that piped audio through HDMI port after it had been disconnected.

I used the monitor again. Audio piped fine. Disconnected it. After that audio started working on internal speakers like it did before.

Still not sure if that was the problem, that’s my best guess on why it randomly started working again.

UPDATE: Speakers stopped working again.

Anyone know what is causing such a random bug?

Does it help if you manually switch audio to your internal speakers before disconnecting your HDMI cord? I know that’s not ideal, but it’s better than having no sound.

Not that it helps you, but I’m having the same issue. My Librem 15 appears to think my headphones are plugged in, and my internal speakers are “unavailable”.