International keyboard layouts for Librem 11

Ist possible to order a Librem 11 with a AZERTY french keyboard ?
Thank you


Hi Olivier,

It is not possible. We are only offering US and UK keyboards.

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Merci de m’avoir répondu cela va donc être difficile pour nos é, è, à etc … qui sont un des charmes de la langue française
Thank you for your answer.

Same for me, librem is cool but will have to fallback on a XPS 13 because I need an AZERTY keyboard.

I assume we’re talking about the printed/etched letters on the physical device; technically, with the US vs UK physical layout, nothing prevents you from using any keyboard “layout” on the software side if you’re a touch typist.

Personally, I type in Dvorak so my keyboards either have blank keys or their keys don’t match with what I’m typing, which is not a problem for me because I never look at the keyboard…

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The UK and US keyboard only have 104 keys? I could use stickers for the German qwertz keyboard, but then there is missing the | symbol (mandatory under linux). Any workaround would be very inconvenient. Will there be any more options in the future? The best would be exchangable keyboards as it was in the thinkpad series. At the moment this is really a dealbreaker for me.



I bought a librem-13 last september (2015 that is) with french keyboard.

I finally received it (around may 2016) with UK keyboard and the promise that I will received french keycaps soon.

I am still “waiting” with less and less hope (I was even not able to find french keyboard for such box on the chinese market where the laptop is produced).

Since then I use my keyboard without taking care of what is printed on the caps, which stills cause me some glorious mistake.

Same for me here: a french azerty keyboard would be appreciated, although using stickers is an acceptable workaround.

We know that keyboards for your native language are really important for you. We currently don’t have any time frame for when will they be available. We’ll have more information next week.

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Same for me, I already order my librem11, but a french keyboard might be appreciated.

So next week is here. Any news?

I would even support a crowd funding campaign to make international keyboard layouts a reality. For me personally, German QWERTZ is needed for business purposes.

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Thank you all for your comments! We will put your requests into consideration and hopefully we will get to the point where we can have all computers with many keyboard layouts to offer.

I am myself french and got used to the US layout (which is kind of universal between manufacturers). By selecting the Apple US layout in the OS, I am able to get french accents with easy to remember key combinations because they use the letters where we find those accents the most in french.

Accent aigu is [right alt + E] (then press the letter you wish to have it on)

Accent grave : right alt + `

Accent circonflexe : right alt + I

Tréma : right alt + U

Cédille : right alt + c (you don’t have to press the C again on this one)

I hope it helps!

The UK keyboard layout is physically the same as the German one, see for example That would probably work for me.

In general, though, I’m pretty frustrated that Purism only offers such a limited, anglo-centric (non-)selection of keyboard layouts. Especially since you initially promised FR and DE layouts.

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I do something different (using the Apple french layout on the Librem-13 UK layout which was delivered in place of the french I ordered) since the beginning.

It is however still disturbing since sometime my eyes view the keyboard and create bad reflex.

BTW, there is no Right Alt key on librem-13.

So next week of next week is there.

Any news ?

Please hav a bit more patience, we are waiting for ETA from our supplier.

Well, the UK layout must be different from US then because I have a Right Alt on my Librem 13, which is just next to the Space key. Both Alt keys are next to the Space key on my keyboard. One the left, the other on the right.

As I said on a previous post, hopefully we will soon get to the point where we can afford more keyboard layouts. Of course you should be able to easily replace the keys on your current Librem. We don’t work for planned obsolescence in any way.

We are slowly but surely growing and we do our best for this to happen soon! :slight_smile:

Merci Bruno!

Estimated Time of Arrival

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If one is to believe it is indeed possible to rearrange the keys yourself (disclaimer: I have not tried this, be careful, you do this at your own risk, etc.).