International Shipping to a depot

Your website says international orders are handled by DHL. For the next few months, I’ll be travelling around Australia and won’t have a fixed address.

What’s the process for shipping to a ‘city’ and picking it up from DHL’s depot?

I think it can take 2+ weeks, what has other’s delivery experience and time frame for receiving a phone or laptop from Purism and their delivery partner?

My billing address will stay the same, but I’ll be 1000s of kms from there and won’t be back for a few months.

I don’t think we can do that, but will check and let you know.

P. S. This kind of question is more suitable for direct contact via email.


Thanks, if you want I can follow up directly with support. I was also looking for general advice. If it works then others could use the technique in a similar situation or as a way to increase their privacy (DHL won’t get their home address).

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If you are based in Victoria, I’d be happy to take delivery of it for you …

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That sounds good, lucky man.

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Doing more reseach. myDHL have Service Points in most capital cities I can send parcels to. If I don’t have one near, it looks like I can organise it to be sent to any aus post office. I’ll just need to register the post office as a parcel collect point.

I’ll chat to Purism support when my L14 is ready to ship.