Introducing the Librem 11

Introducing the Librem 11 Tablet! This powerful tablet is preloaded with PureOS running our Phosh user interface. Every order comes with a keyboard case, a pressure-sensitive stylus, and 1TB of storage. Order yours today!


No kill switches?


Doesn’t seem like it based on the product and store pages. I was expecting it as well given this is a portable device.

I have other concerns with this as well:

  • The device doesn’t appear repairable since the memory is soldered.
  • There is no information about the battery.
  • It doesn’t appear the storage is user-upgradable.

Otherwise, it seems like a decent device, though I will wait to hear from other people that purchase one to make my decision.

Speculation from here on:

This device doesn’t meet my expectations of a repairable device with kill switches. My assumption is that this is a first-generation device to guage interest and to gain revenue to enable Purism to invest in R&D to create their own. Maybe the burden of the Librem 5 is causing this trepidation or inability to create a customized solution.

Pretty looking :slight_smile: I was expecting a higher price, so pleasantly surprised it is only $999. Specs aren’t bad.

I agree on HKS, and repairability.

Tis tempting :slight_smile:

Is this a preorder or are these available now?

Looks like right now

From the bottom of this screen - Purism Launches New Secure Librem 11 Tablet – Purism

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Was the AMOLED screen announced in advance?

No libre cpu :frowning_face:

As an alternative to an Android or iPad device I find it worth considering. There is still a lot of freedom software wise to be had such as putting your own OS. I currently use a tablet as a sort of mini-TV. It would be cool to watch my show on the tablet, connect it to a hub with my actual TV as the display, and continue watching uninterrupted :grinning:

I noticed some things about the post:

  • No hardware kill switches, at least with the provided photos.
  • Uses PureBoot (Coreboot + Heads) and mentions the Librem Key, but has no USB-A ports for interfacing with it; two USB-C 3.1 ports are provided instead.
  • Storage is not explicitly mentioned as soldered, so I highly suspect it can be upgraded. Uses PCIe 4.0 like the Librem Server v2.
  • No mention of Qubes OS.

Nonetheless, congratulations on bringing PureOS and PureBoot onto a tablet form factor.

No removable battery and no kill switches? These days, I would interpret that as “no reliable way to turn it off”

It is not clear if the battery is removable, or if hardware kill switches are present; there is not enough information. I am personally waiting for a proper introduction video from @david.hamner to explain the product more consisely.

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Based on the rendering, it’s not obvious how one would remove the back and it doesn’t appear to have any screws. Still, renders aren’t indicitive of what is actually available on the actual device.

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I love that it has a keyboard and pen, I really liked the form factor of the detachable Surface Book, where it was an actual laptop and tablet and notepad. I was delighted to see a fingerprint reader as an option (would definitely disable when traveling), and that they actually mentioned this time that the feature is not yet implemented. Storage size is great, unclear if upgradable or can only use microSD. AMOLED display sound fantastic, though would be nice if it could toggle up to 120 Hz for gaming. Headphone jack and USB-C are expected minimums. I love that there are multiple USB-C.

The missing kill switches are a big let down, as they’re a key hardware differentiator. Camera/mic HKS should have been at minimum. A non-removable battery as well is a huge disappointment. The cameras are underpowered, especially given their importance on mobile devices. The old x64 processor was a surprise, I thought they may use a newer one, or considered the same as the Librem 5. Would have been nice to have a cellular baseband.

Bluetooth 5 is great. NFC and Qi wireless charging would have been nice. RAM is at a good point, but could be higher. Missing battery life info will be key to understand. Would love 6E/7 Wi-Fi but not a must considering I’m just a huge fan of MLO & 6 GHz. Unclear what is done with the IME.

Will I buy a Linux tablet? Yes, absolutely. Will I buy the Librem 11? Remains to be seen on the hardware details mentioned, and the quality. I expected more from the Librem 14’s quality given that it’s their bread and butter.

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I’m pretty sure that if it had hardware kill switches, that would have been loudly trumpeted. I’ve wanted a linux tablet for a long time, but this is the first to tick enough boxes for me. Since HKS on the Librem 5 seems to still be having a lot of growing pains, I’m willing to leave that to a future tablet generation. I’m not planning to do a lot of web browsing or installing third party software, so rmmod on the camera drivers should be good enough to disable taking pictures and configuring a wrong password take care of wifi.


Just relaying some info from the community/general Matrix room.


[…] those are stickers?


No, those aren’t stickers.


can the big one be removed, somehow? it’s a bit obnoxious to my taste :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s a plastic rectangle that is stuck to the chassis with adhesive, if you get under it with the right tool it’ll come off without too much trouble. The gray back is cut out around it so you’d probably want to fill that space with something though


ah good news :slight_smile:
I should be able to bear the small one around the camera, but the huge Intel Inside like one, what happened here ? :stuck_out_tongue:


[…] It’ll look like that once the OLED inside is popped off

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Nice device for Linux peoples. :joy:
All the blog desing it is a shame for some reason.

I’ll wait until it’s confirmed to be good for drawing with that pen. I haven’t seen proper pen support on Linux devices matching the low latency you would get with an iPad yet. However I’m not considering buying into that ecosystem.

Unfortunately many graphic tablets are still expensive, have bad support on Linux (doesn’t work at all or with relative high latency) or have awful parallax effect because of it’s screen (the thickness of glass causes this). So getting an open option for digital artists out there, would be neat.

The fact that they show off MyPaint on screen in the store makes me a bit excited at least.

omg those aren’t stickers??? Thats just awful

  1. " Bluetooth: Intel 9460, Bluetooth 5". Does this mean Bluetooth won’t work out of the box and will only work with the addition of non-free firmware? (it looks like for Debian, 9460 support is in the non-free firmware-iwlwifi package), or use of a dongle?

  2. “Pureboot (Coreboot + Heads)”. Does this mean a Librem Key is required? It’s not mentioned anywhere in the Librem 11 description or offered as an option on the Librem 11 page in the store, so maybe not.