Introducing the Librem 11

Yes, but the form-factor is much better for traveling. You have to run less VMs simultaneously of course.

Maybe it will work, but AFAIK nobody tried that. Purism in general cares that their devices run Qubes well.

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None of the as shipped apps that I have opened so far have that close button (x). A hamburger menu is the top rightmost icon and it does not have a close option. Apps are always fullscreen and the only way I’ve found to close them is to drag the window way way up so that it minimzes. It then has a hidden X that I have never been able to find with my finger (the app always re-maximizes whenever I try). The only way I’ve found to close an app is to drag drag drag it way way up to minimize it, then hover over the top right area with the pen until the X (well inside from the corner appears. Then I can tap the X with the pen and the app closes.

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I’ve got my L11 yesterday. How can I take photos? I installed the app but this does not see the camera.

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The GNOME webcam app is called “Cheese”, it’s there in the Librem 11 OS image, answered that here too :slightly_smiling_face: L11: camera support - #2 by jonathon.hall


What is the official CLI way to update the Librem 11?

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Same as debian derivative:

sudo apt update

sudo apt full-upgrade


What is the maximum brightness of the Librem 11’s display?

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The Librem 11 display is 350 nits.