iOS's Opt-In for Tracking Feature Preliminary Stats

Ars Technica reports that…

…which for proprietary-land is a damned good start!
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I feel like the fact that they were able to gather those analytics is still a bad sign. Apparently, Flurry Analytics (A Verizon owned company) which “claims to be used in more than one million mobile apps” provided the statistics. That seems like just as much a breach of privacy as the ad tracking.

I wonder if they realize the irony of posting those statistics.

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Good point! Although gathering analytics is pretty much a given for their sector.

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Not necessarily. App was downloaded 1000 times. 40 instances are reporting telemetry info. No big deal.

So that’s for both Facebook and non-Facebook users? Facebook users still would be able to use Facebook app with tracking opt out to block Facebook’s tracking system from accessing other apps or activities on devices. But Facebook users still would be dropping bread crumbs while using its app regardless as anything they do on Facebook like posting, sending messaging, clicking onto whatever inside its app still get to be devoured by Facebook’s tracking system. Plus some other apps might be working with Facebook outside of Apple ecosystem tracking and selling your data. So be careful about what other apps you have.

are you saying that people in the US of A don’t want to be FLoC-ed ? or is that not possible on iOS ? only on G/droid’ ?

FloC only applies to Chrome so far, as the major Chrome derivatives seem to have rejected that…stuff.