iPod Replacements That Play Well With Linux

After successfully getting Catalina OSX and Mojave Vms to work with USB pass thru using Virtualbox, I find out the newer IOS will not stay connected. They connect, then quickly disconnect. Older IOS devices do just fine.

At this point, I’m done with Apple. I want a clean break top to bottom.

I’m looking for a music/podcast player replacement iPod that plays well with Linux. Something that will sync with Librem using a USB cable.

I don’t want a phone. I just want something that will replace an ipod and has playback speed adjustment capabilities… and syncs with Linux.

Anyone found a solution?


Not sure about speed adjustment, but Sandisk players work well for me.
(And “syncing” consists of copy/paste. :slight_smile:)


I still have a Sandisk Clip somewhere, used to use it all the time. Good recommendation for some simple and straightforward.

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I have the original one (w/o BT) and also the Sport (with BT). Love both of them.

It’s nice to have FM radio onboard, too.

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Have you found any podast player apps that will sync with something like Sandisk that automatically deleted played episodes like itunes does?

I’ve never looked for any application that does that, so I’m unaware of any.

This thread is interesting. I was thinking to ask:
1.if anyone knew of an mp3 player that would be good for kids that would be like an ipod. I really want a music solution that is not a phone for you g kids.
2. If there is such a thing, how do you get the music. Is there an equivalent to the itunes store for such - non apple devices?

I am frustrated that ipods are not available anymore. What a bait and switch…