IPS Display For Librem?

Hey all, sorry I haven’t been around on Purism anymore lately. More or less I decided to postpone my buying until 2019 because of Meltdown / Spectre (there’s even a variant 4 now, yeesh) and Ice Lake will seemingly have silicon-level fixes for everything. I figured the smart plan would be to just wait for chip manufacturers to figure that out, and give Purism more time to mature as well - the Librem 15v4 will probably really be quite something. In the meantime I’m just focusing on building performance-based machines rather than security ones, to fuel my hobbies.

I’m thinking I’ll get a Librem 15 and a Librem 5 sometime next year.

In the meantime though - one thing that came up in my mind, what kind of panel is the display anyway? For over $1500 I’d hope that it’s not just using a TN panel. It should definitely be an IPS display for that pricepoint.

Just thought I’d raise the question.

Although we don’t mention it explicitly lately, they’re IPS panels yes :slight_smile: though we need to be constantly vigilant because suppliers sometimes try to pull a fast one on you.

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Is this true of the Librem 13 panels as well?

That’s awesome and reassuring, thanks!

Well it certainly is true of my own Librem 13 at least, and the others I’ve seen…