IPS display for the librem 5

The librem 5 site says “5 inch display” most modern phone manufacturers are heading towards IPS displays. I personally really like them. This would be a great addition to the librem 5.

IPS is a display technology invented in 1996 and used on nearly all LCD displays since then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPS_panel#History
The new display technology that has supplanted LCDs in modern smartphones is called OLED. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OLED#Manufacturers_and_commercial_uses
OLED displays allow the phone to completely turn off pixels rather than simply dim them like in an LCD display.
Did you mean OLED (which most modern display manufacturers are currently switching to)? Or do I not understand something about IPS?

I’d actually prefer an LCD panel to an OLED panel for reasons of longevity. OLEDs are pretty susceptible to burn-in (especially on the blue subpixels), while the inorganic white LED backlight of a modern LCD panel will work just fine for years of usage. That said, the devkits use 5.5" OLED panels (https://puri.sm/posts/librem5-progress-report-5/), so I may well not get my wish here.


Do you mean AMOLED AMOLED is similar to ips as ips is a correcting colour and making the colour, less dim. Although AMOLED is a much newer technology that is similar to ips, but slightly better on phones. AMOLED tends to be cheaper, many mobile products have a “ips display” my monitor is ips. So unless librem 5 wanted to spend more money on AMOLED technology I would go with IPS.

Possibly. I spoke of OLED. I was not aware of AMOLED vs. OLED. Could you elaborate on the differences?

I believe you mean more expensive. Because you say that IPS is more cost effective in your next sentence.

Hi all
What is the real quality display type of Librem 5 ?
Purism website say it is an IPS TFT but this combination is wrong, IPS and TFT they are 2 different technologies so it can only be

  1. TFT LCD
  2. IPS LCD
    So i have researched a little then seems that L5 it has a TFT display which I’m happy because i hate IPS panels.
    However the L5 screen panel looks awesome and with small edges.
    Any info ? @dcz

IPS is considered a type of TFT, and it is often called “IPS TFT” or “Super TFT”.

However, you are right to point out that the Mantix screen is not IPS, and Purism shouldn’t advertise the Librem 5 as containing an IPS screen on the web page: https://puri.sm/products/librem-5/

Everyone says that the screen looks good, so this is a minor issue in my opinion.


2 occurrences.

Thank you. Yes it not a issue because the HD screen looks very good it has high contrast. I just saying.

TFT is popular among gamers that need + 160 fps synced up to their GPUs for competitive gameplay.

do people plan on playing games like that on the L5 ?

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There’s so much confusion between TN and TFT LCD panels in this thread, and in general. Everywhere in this thread where you see “TFT is bad”, what they probably mean is “TN is bad” (but apparently TN panels are not universally bad any more). As far as I know, all commercially viable LCD screens are currently TFT (but I did not actively try to verify that statement).


Besides price advantage (for occasional/temporary usage, like for industrial needs or gaming, as @reC pointed out here), main noticeable (with your own eyes) difference to IPS panels and some sort of “advantage” coming from TN-LCD (twisted nematic liquid crystal display) is having the viewing angle of 85/85/85/85 (Typ.), weakest one, and therefore user don’t need to invest into any privacy filter, especially if such filter isn’t decreasing (blocking emissions) high energy visual (HEV) light (blue type ones). At least, if and when included, Ultra-Brightness FFS should somewhat improve viewing clarity (and therefore awarded, I guess).

Why not? If I order Librem 5 today for $799.00 (pay for it in advance) I’d certainly expect to have it delivered with an IPS (in-plane switching LCD) panel.

If Purism is going to advertise that the screen is IPS, it should sell a phone with an IPS screen, but the Librem 5 currently doesn’t have an IPS screen.

This issue bothers me, but it is not one where I am going to get upset about it, because several people have commented that the Mantix screen in the Librem 5 looks better than the Xingbangda XBD599 IPS screen in the PinePhone.