Iridium-browser in pureos

Installed iridium-browser on my librem with pureos and it runs well.
I have been using iridium on my previous laptop for a while and struggled Struggled with getting used to the firefox based purebrowser.
Originally i started using iridium because they have similar views on privacy/ open source/ tracking as purism (and myself), so I think it is a good option if you prefer a chrome style browser in pureos.
There was a debian installation guide on their page, and following that worked perfectly.
Think i will end up using that with a script blocker as my primary browser in pureos.
If anyone has comments, or knows about disadvantages to using iridium i would love to hear them.

Well if you’re going with a Chromium browser and want the most private & secure you can get, I’d go for Ungoogled Chromium. It’s the open-source Chromium that includes all changes featured in Debian, Iridium, and Inox, plus more that it’s developer (Eloston) does himself.

That being said, the developer only really has support for Debian for the latest versions, given that’s what he uses. What I did is make a Debian qube in Qubes to function as my end qube and put the browser in that. He’s also just about always one version of Chromium behind the latest stable available, but that’s true of most browser derivative/branched/modified browsers like this.

There’s all kind of debate between Chromium and Firefox far as security & privacy goes. I’ve always been of the opinion that both browsers are great, but Firefox has marginally better privacy while Chromium has marginally better security (and frankly, between the two I prefer security).

Speed-wise, everything really depends on the content of the webpages being loaded.

I still prefer Chromium just because my selection of extensions seem to function better on Chromium than they do on Firefox, plus there’s more customizable whitelists and I just know Chromium way better than I do Firefox.

I don’t think that’s true anymore with the new Firefox Quantum, for one thing it is much leaner and now occupies 1/3 the ram footprint of chrome on my librem, and is going to get better still.

I find that Firefox uses less ram but runs slower on plenty of pages I use.

Aside from that, bugs I encounter on Firefox that I don’t on Chromium.

It ultimately really ends up being subject to what your browsing habits are, and what extensions you use. Some websites I use are specifically optimized with Chrome in mind and the extensions made by developers who made them for Chrome first and foremost and while they exist for Firefox they’re far more buggy.

In my specific situation Chromium has been a better choice. Others may find Firefox better. It really depends.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback/ advice guys.