Is anyone else experiencing freezing issues with Librem 15 v3?


I’m having the same issue. I’m running a librem 15v3 with reflashed coreboot and Qubes OS 4.0.
The freezes occur sometimes during boot-up when Grub asks me for a passphrase (and right then the system freezes, so I can’t type any keys) and sometimes when I’m running the OS and doing my normal work the system just suddenly freezes.
I would like to give you more info, but currently my system is hung up in the issue described at Librem 15 won’t turn on.
I’m using coreboot version 4.7-Purism-4 as well. This suggests that it might not be a debian (or PureOS) specific issue.
I also still get this issue also after specifying intel_pstate=disable to the kernel args via the grub menu.


Adding the kernel arg i915.enable_rc6=0, removed the issues with grub, however now my system starts freezing during normal use even more (it appears) and less randomly so (starting a browser usually freezes the system).


I’m still seeing intermittent freezes on 13v2 with 4.7-Purism-4.


Actually, the kernel arg fixes the issue with grub only most of the time (90% or more). It tried various other combination of kernel args (including intel_pstate=disable), it doesn’t help either.


grub loads before (and independently of) the kernel, so kernel args shouldn’t have any impact on it… Unless it’s something about the state in which the GPU was when linux turned it off the previous time maybe, but that’s getting complicated…

I actually still have some glitches as well from time to time that make me reboot to clear it up, but I’m talking like once every few weeks of intense usage so I’ll probably just live with it…