Is anyone looking at the Nexpad?

There’s been mentions of the Nexdock or Nexdock 360 on the forum. Anyone interested or looking into getting the Nexpad?


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Not sure this is all that appealing. It is, in essence, simply a bigger touch screen. While a bigger screen can be nice, it just feels like a bunch of extra weight that doesn’t really bring anything else to the table.

For me, a screen with a keyboard is the only way the additional weight and things to carry are justified. The nextdock, for example, have yoga hinges (at least I think they do) and this allows you to fold it over and make it a tablet if you wish. To me that seems like the best way to present something like that.

This here, honestly feels better suited to acting as a second monitor for a laptop, etc.

That’s just my 2 cents though.

My understanding of English language is either poor or I do not understand this (or even both):

P.S. To me this looks like I can charge my power bank (from Librem 5) by using NexPad as a bridge (please read: not the other way around, cannot provide necessary power to NexPad from my power bank and at the same time …)? Meaning as well that the fact that NexPad doesn’t possesses integrated battery isn’t bothering at all (just too optimistic approach, when and if related toward Librem 5, in my view while no e-Paper display used there).

You can power it from your phone. I was thinking attach a hub and power/charge both. Also, not sure if anyone here has or is interested in a Steam Deck but one of the YT reviewers had one connected to it. I saw the Nexdock but was thinking the Nexpad might be a bit more portable?

For me, the Librem 5 use case would be more of a portable computer for office productivity or possible school rather than primarily used as a phone.

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With/when mini HDMI (2.0) Port used on NexPad, sure. Yet there is much hope (from my side) that such setup, with hub, is not needed at all:


By adding that all I wrote in my above post is that related description is quite ambiguous toward defining of what pass-through charging means and that using adequate power supply there should work as expected (especially if USB-DCP-5V-1.5A protocol negotiated) to provide power for both of connected devices (including charging of connected phone battery-cell). In addition third USB-C port extends NexPad usability … as we are just exchanging our current thoughts here, nothing less and nothing else (decision on to purchase NexPad or not to purchase it will depend on other features as well, like matte vs glossy … charging was my starting point).

@Selendis, big thanks for this thread!

While trying not to hide my other thoughts, here I’m linking one of the similar products that should deserve our attention as well: Actually I joined this thread while looking into similar solution/connection and/or quality content projection like you @Selendis (yet based on eInk display), and hopping to decide soon on which one to buy (by acknowledging presence of well known products from DASUNG, ONYX BOOX MIRA or Inkplate that might provide stable usage with the Librem 5, but still unsure). Yet quite sure that will use one of the Waveshare displays for their upcoming products, two of them.

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