Is AWEsim only for the librem phone

From what I have been able to gather, AWEsim is only for use with a Librem phone. Is that correct ?

Very interested, but the long wait for a Librem poses a problem.

Pretty sure that’s in‍correct - but can’t find any documentation or Purism post to support that. @joao.azevedo ?

For use in the US only.

That is incorrect, you can use the AweSIM card with other phones, the service at the moment is only for North America.


Thanks all ! That’s good news.

Per @Kyle_Rankin in another thread “Yes, you can use AweSIM on any unlocked phone in the US that supports the ATT network.”

So, unlocked is a requirement apparently.

Yes, it is. I did not thought of mentioning it, because I assume that a phone accepting SIM’s from different carriers by default requires the phone to be unlocked.

Sorry if I was not specific and for the omission.

Technically, no. Yes, there are unlocked de-Googled phones that accept SIMs from any carrier but there are certain other de-Googled phones which are locked by the OEM which take any SIM too. e.g. Rob Braxman offers unlocked de-Googled phones but he’s coming out w/ his own pure Android Open Source Project (AOSP) phone that’s locked. There are several others like that I believe (FreedomPhone?).

@joao.azevedo , along the same lines… I just got my Librem phone and it does not work with my carrier, so I’m considering AweSIM (probably SIMple). If I switch, can I bring both my Librem and my Android phones? I see no way to order an additional sim card.

I moved multiple lines over when I switched to SIMple (which should be the same process as for AweSIM). You’ll need to place a separate order for each SIM you want.

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Thank you!