Is Google spying on us?


At work today, things were super slow. [Tangent: I’m stuck having to use Windows (7, in my case) at work. Our former CTO started a Bring Your Own OS initiative and for a while, I was able to work on my home computer (running Linux) via Citrix. Alas, that guy left the company and the initiative was scrapped.] When I looked at task manager, there were several instances of chrome.exe running. I didn’t even have Chrome up! Is this evidence of Google spying on us?


No. Chrome and Chromium based browsers have an option to keep running in the background to start faster when you click the icon to launch it…

(I mean yes in general Google is all about gathering info, akin to spying, but this is not the proof or indication of that)


All the more reason to use Firefox :grinning:


Thank you for that information, patrixl. I found the setting and turned it off.


Google is always spying. Why do you think that they dropped their “Don’t be evil” motto?


Besides whatever spying they do, to make $$$$$$$ on someone’s personal information. Google Chrome Browser is updated four times an hour, unless they have changed it.


G is not spying it’s just keeping keeping brotherly tabs on everybody like any BIG brother should do - “at least” they present everybody with a nice agreement statement everytime someone tries to use their services.


Two days after your post and two days before today:


collateral damage is unavoidable when dealing with BIG brothers.