Is is possible to use PureBoot on Librem 11 (not Basic) with a key like on Mini v2?

The Mini and Librem 11 lack a TPM but the Mini uses a key + Pureboot and the 11 uses Pureboot Basic.

Is it possible to use full PureBoot + Librem Key on the 11 (with a USB C adapter)?

If not, and I wanted a solution like this, what would I need to look at as another option? Generic Coreboot + Heads?

Thank you

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Yes you can.

Yes, it is possible. Like the Mini v2, the Librem 11 doesn’t have a TPM (so there’s no TPM admin PIN).

To boot the tablet with tamper-detection, you will need to insert a Librem Key and USB-C adapter into the Librem 11 prior to powering it on. Existing Librem Keys are all USB-A, but there are plans to eventually offer USB-C variants.

This video shows PureBoot configuration steps on a Librem 14, but the PureBoot aspects are all the same. The initial OS setup is different on the Librem 11 (there is no initial setup wizard) but that’s a very small disparity in the video. Additional PureBoot documentation is located here.

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Fabulous, thank you

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