Is it only me who want a phone with a more “square” screen?

First, I’m happy that our Librem 5 don’t have some disgusting design like curved screen, screen notch, punching holes on screen… But one thing is, I feel the screen is too wide(or long).
I think when “wide screen” concept first came out, it’s because human eyes aspect ratio is wider than 4:3, but for such a device like a phone, which is usually watched vertically, wide screen is actually going the opposite direction, not mentioning they are just getting longer and longer, from 3:4 to 10:16 to 9:16, now 1:2… So we are waiting for 9:21? That weird 21:9 is too wide even for normal desktop PC.
Anyone agree with me and want a phone with 3:4 screen?

I prefer 16:9

Physical size is important too though i.e. as a separate consideration from aspect ratio. (That is to say, you can make it square just by notionally lopping off half the screen.)

Is it a big deal for me? No. I will take 2:1, 16:9, 4:3, whatever comes - but 2:1 is what they’ve said, so that ought to come.

All I know for sure is that I really REALLY hate the tall-and-skinny videos that are now the norm. Why can’t idiots turn their phones sideways when filming?

A tall-and-skinny phone is easier to hold in a human hand. Old-school phones had something like the 9:21 aspect ratio you ridicule.

People have come to believe that ultra-wide screens are more cinematic, although scientific studies back in the 1930s and '40s settled on 4:3 as an optimal ratio for movie theater screens.

Everyone seems to want their phone’s screen to cover the entire front surface, so screen ratio will be almost identical to phone ratio.

The 3:4 phone you want would be okay by me, but I might need a handle securely attached to the back, cuz I kinda have small hands. :nerd_face:

Landscapes are looking better with wide screen. And also Documents (like Wikipedia or 2x PDFs) fit better on wide screen. Portraits are looking better in 4:3, but how often do you want to see a portait on PC?

And on mobile phone there are 2 thinkgs why 1:2 or something similar is so much better.

  1. It is much easier to hold and to navigate via thrumb.
  2. You have long lists like address book that fits better in vertical format.
    So most things you want to do with smartphone in a quick way, you will have it easier in 1:2 instead of 2:1. But for the rest of cases you can swap it easily. I dont see any reason why it should be made in another way. 3:4 would be very bad to use in every case i can think about. I also would Prefer 9:16, but 1:2 isnt that far away (9:18).

And btw 21:9 is for most people to wide, but some wants it for gaming or working (like a friend who is musican and has long time lines).

already discussed here on the Purism forums. go on ! i dare you to use the search function in the upper-right corner ! :sweat_smile: