Is it planned the full transition to PipeWire (and dropping PulseAudio)? And when?

As you know, the Debian world is switching to PipeWire nearly for the last 1-2 years. I was wondered to see that both PulseAudio and PipeWire audio daemons work on my Librem 5.
I tried to do full switch installing pipewire-pulse, package when PipeWire even represents himself as PulseAudio, but apt says there is know such package in PureOS repo.

To prevent this topic from questions like “Why do you need this?” I have to say something:

  1. Lags! rhythmbox in conjuction with bluetooth headseat are playing my flac library crappy — nearly every 20-30 seconds crack or flick happens.
  2. rhythmbox & external bluetooth speaker have the same choopy problem.
  3. sudo renice -n -19 $RHYTHMBOX_PID # Doesn’t fix problem
  4. And the most important! My 10-year laptop with Debian GNU/Linux had the same problem with these hardware and software. I’ve done the full PipeWire transition several months ago and the problem went away!
    The pipewire-pulse package is needed for this and masking some Pulse services in systemd:
    PipeWire - Debian Wiki

What do you think? Have any ideas? Could I use this instruction and download the pipewire-pulse from Debian repo?

Rhythmbox audio player on Librem 5 looks and works just perfect! Recommended! (But 150% or lesser display scaling is needed.)

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Did you read the homepage?

Getting PipeWire

PipeWire (0.3) with support for audio use cases should be available in most distributions. Most distributions however will not have enabled the audio parts by default but you can read here how to run some examples.

The more interesting question is: What is the advantage of PipeWire over PulseAudio. I hear the first time of it and I also don’t know where are the downsides of PulseAudio. Can you explain the technological difference in few sentence, please? Why does the PipeWire has lower latency and is there something else why it should be better?

The main advantage for Librem 5 will be Powersave/Heatsave over whatever.


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The primary things IMO are lower latency audio and better support for bluetooth audio codecs. Lower latency is not very important for a phone, but better bluetooth quality, connection and support for wireless headphones certainly is.