Is it possible not to show Librem logo on boot?

Aye, is it possible to disable showing Librem logo on boot?
I’ve seen this on a lot of tutorials and wanted to see if you could disable before buying.

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By “logo” you mean that white on black rectangle?
Just recompile coreboot from source and replace this file:

Make sure to put something nice instead if you are going to do all this work
just for the ~1 second boot splash. Your compile time will take longer than you
are ever going to see it. I would show what I put on mine but it’s NSFW.


you can use standard coreboot tools (flashrom, cbfstool) to either remove or replace the bootsplash. There’s no configurable runtime option to show/hide it.


How would I do this?
Perhaps there is a tutorial somewhere?

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I’ll assume you’re running PureOS, or another distro with flashrom 1.0+ installed, and have an open terminal to run these commands:

make a tmp dir and change to it:

mkdir ~/bootsplash && cd ~/bootsplash

download a precompiled cbfstool binary (can also compile from coreboot source):

curl -LO

extract it

tar -zxf cbfstool.tar.gz

read the firmware from your device and get checksum

sudo flashrom -p internal:laptop=force_I_want_a_brick,ich_spi_mode=hwseq -r coreboot.rom
sha256sum coreboot.rom

do this 2x more and ensure that same checksum generated all 3 times before continuing

remove existing bootsplash:

cbfstool coreboot.rom remove -r COREBOOT -n bootsplash.jpg

(optional) add in a custom bootsplash (file format/resolution restrictions apply here, I don’t have them handy unfortunately. Use same as existing to be safe?)

cbfstool coreboot.rom add -r COREBOOT -n newbootsplash.jpg -t raw

write firmware back to device:

sudo flashrom -p internal:laptop=force_I_want_a_brick,ich_spi_mode=hwseq -w coreboot.rom

reboot when finished


Why specifically do you want to do this?

I ask the question out of curiosity. I think we all agree that you are not renting your computer from a Microsoft or an Apple and you are free to do with it whatever you are capable of.


To be fair, changing the boot image on a MS machine is not impossible and can be done. On top of that, those machine can run whatever, especially Linux. I have never felt I’m renting any windows machine I’ve used. The same can’t be said with Apple products though.


Using the URL above, the current image is 1280x1024. The X and Y density are 72 dpi but I doubt those attributes are used in this context. No thumbnail. The image is otherwise unremarkable. It says it was “Created with GIMP”, which I imagine many of us would.

The Librem 13 specs say that the screen is FHD (1920x1080) while the Librem 15 specs say that the screen is 4K UHD (3840x2160) (nice!) - so I suppose people have to resist the temptation to use a splash screen that fully utilises the screen’s capability. :slight_smile:

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SeaBIOS can only switch to a VESA-compatible mode that’s supported by the video BIOS. Native panel resolution is not an option here. The current image is the largest VESA-compatible image we could use, resized/stretched so it looks correct when 1280x1024 is used on a 16x9 panel


Personalisation? I for one took great joy in replacing the WinXP splash screen on an old laptop with the equivalent Win98 splash screen, along with replacing the icons for the start menu, My Computer, etc.