Is It Possible to Keep Both OS (WIndows,PreOS) Together?

Hi everyone, I am Wade and a new member this forum. Actually I run Windows 10. I am interested in installing PreOS, which I found online at

But I am having a problem that if I dont uninstall Window 10, I am not able to install this. I even dont know is it possible to keep both OS together. If not then how can I uninstall Windows? Please guide me.

Hi and welcome,
I am by no means proficient in your conundrum, but it is possible.
I have 1 HDD with Win 10, and one with PureOS, another HDD with Ubuntu and another w/ PopOS (the latter may not be supported now) the last 2T HDD is storage, backup.

It was this area of the forums that I was helped along the way and in the end, on boot, I had a multi-boot option to choose from.

How I got it working is only known to experts because I am too new, and just followed directions. :nerd_face:

Some drives are partition with OS on one, and all storage (files, pics etcetera) are on the 2nd partition.

It may be that you can partition the drive your 10 is on, and place Pure on ithe 2nd and set a dual boot option.

What ever happen, you’re in the right place - lotsa smart people here.

For what it’s worth I still use Win 7 but boot into Pure more than Windows. IMO Microsoft made 10 too hard to do what 7 can.

Good luck

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Thank you for your suggestions. But I completely want to uninstall Win 10 and try to install this OS. So I was searching online and found some articles like this one. As per the article’s suggestions, I was able to deactivate this and will try out to install this PreOS.

After that if there is any kind problem during installing this OS, I will definitely come here to take help. Dont mind. :smiley:

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Isn’t this what grub is for? Or am I misreading it?