Is it possible to subscibe to Peertube from Librem One Social?

Hey folks,

I signed up for Librem Social today and I noticed that if I try to follow a peertube instance I get an error message:

Cannot GET /authorize_interaction 

This occurs at this URL:

I was trying to subscribe here:

Is this feature not supported yet; or is this a bug? Any pointers would be appreciated.

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Hi @levlaz.

Following peertube accounts should be possible in general. But sometimes there could issues in the configurations of different servers.

I tested following two peertube accounts (including: and indeed the follow requests were “Awaiting approval”.

What solved the issue for me as a workaround, was to cancel the follow request and do it a second time.

You can try that to see if that solves your situation.

In the meantime we are reporting this so we can get to the bottom of this issue.


Excellent, thank you so much for the reply and the workaround.