Is it possible to use Android apps on the Librem 5?


Yeah Sailfish might be one of the “succesful” ones ( of course not in terms of the company itself… what a hell did those guys go through ) and I wouldnt mind paying 50€ for it and being able to use it with their “Alien Dalvik” Android support.

It a shame though that it currently only supports older Sony models (e.g. the XA2). I was looking to buy one just to give it a try but its nearly impossible to find an online store with those still on stock.


Yes, I have N900 and it was my first and last Nokia. Moreover I know the development director at Nokia Phones - he was my supervisor at university. He was OK but the leadership of Nokia were stupid morons. But N900 was not a completely free phone - not resembling Librem 5 at all. It was more of a Androidlike phone.

After the disaster with N900 I did not try any other “Linux” phone - until Librem 5.


Aliexpress has cheap refurbished XA2 for less than 200AUD… After I receive the email from Purism with my batch I’ll decide if it’s the case to go with “Fir”, and in the meantime buy one of those phones (on top of which I have to add 75AUD for the Sailfish licence), or take my assigned batch. If it’s Aspen (but I strongly doubt) I’ll go for it.


Can you complain to your government and require the specification to be published (or a second open option to be created)? Society-wide identification shouldn’t be locked in to two proprietary companies, least of all two foreign companies.


Might work. However neither dex2jar nor Anbox go to the heart of the matter: on a secure platform you don’t run random unverified code.

If you are particularly concerned about surveillance capitalism then you would be particularly concerned about what information the Android app is sending where - but you can’t really stop it doing so, and nor can you audit what it is sending.


.apk s from f-droid are curated and can be inspected beforehand. As for the .apk in particular I want to run….here’s my (shitty) code. I wrote it so I think I know what’s in it. I did have to use kivy buildozer though because the level of code required to interact with the hardware is way beyond my level of programming.That level being next to none because I’m not a programmer. Yes, that decision came down to trust in thekivy project, the same way I’m trusting purism now.


Surely you’re taking the piss? :slight_smile:


@kieran HA HA :grin:
Mostly now, but even if I don’t nobody knows outside the stall :slight_smile:
When you think about it, we’re probably going to see not only ports of .apks but also a whole bunch of whimsical new flatpacks for the Librem 5 by people who just want to make things in the spirit of the greatest program ev-er…kteatime! :smile:


The N900 was my first real smartphone. I loved it. I used it without even knowing it was Linux really. And when I say I used it, that’s what I mean. I really used it. I was connecting via SSH to a VNC server back home and doing development work on the road in some cases using that phone. I still have mine and it still boots. To me the N900 was the crowing achievement of Nokia.

Maemo 5 was the OS, and while it was not perfect, it was totally useable. I still miss it today. I always wonder what it would be like to use that OS with SoCs that are available today. The phone is old now, but I remember running Quake 3 on it when I first got it.

If Anbox works, how pretty it does so isn’t really a concern of mine. I do however hope the project is being actively developed.

I do hope that the Librem 5 helps to spur development in that regard. There will be a market for it.


The N900 was quite nice. The disaster was that Nokia stopped the development and support of Maemo making the N900 useless.

The morons at the top in Nokia did not understand anything about smart phone development. Interestingly, Nokia was the first with a “terminal” i.e. Nokia Communicator. My brother had one and used it until it literally fell apart from much use and old age. That was long before Apple iPhone and Android. Nokia was well ahead of Apple and history might have been different if the top morons had let that line go ahead. It was the same group of engineers at Nokia that later made the N900 But management stopped the line …


Just found an online store which still had a XA2 available which i just ordered to run SailfishOS… Holding back on ordering a Librem 5 right now as im already late to the party. Might just aswell wait a few more months as ordering right now doesn’t make any sense.


So, turns out it is perfectly possible. Now, dear community, come in and make it actually usable :wink:

Tutanota recommending Librem 5!

You definitely get my congratulations for this!


You sir, are legendary.


That’s awesome, i hope some dev will push this on librem5 repos making it installable and usable for unexperienced people, i think if whatsapp just work on it, it could help a lot the complete migration from andoid/ios to pureos



Anbox itself is already packaged in Debian; however, you need to copy an Android image yourself, as packaging it properly would be a challenge…

Please remember that I haven’t done much - I just took an already existing piece of software and ran it on the phone. Say “thanks” to the Anbox team, it’s them who made it possible :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the clarification. Despite that, anbox on the L5 is great news.


Is this a specific image you copy from Anbox, or can it be an arbitrary image (eg. Lineage OS, /e/, etc)?


I have built the android.img image for arm64 according to instructions on Anbox wiki. It’s viable for testing, but we can’t just package pre-built images into PureOS - it needs to have properly packaged and buildable complete source code. In this case, that would be the whole Android system in one package :smiley: