Is Libre 14 dual voltage?

This is probably a very silly question, but I was filling an order for Librem 14, and I got stumped with the adapter option (UK, US, EU).

I travel relatively frequently, I plug in the adapter, and it ‘just works’, irrespective of the country. Sometimes, I need to carry a plug adapter for different socket standards, but never worry about electricity standards.

Is this what the adapter option is referring to? Is it just the case of a different plug on the charger? I can travel with this laptop just as easily as with a Dell or HP?

I assume that the answer is yes, but it would be nice to get some reassurance before splashing the $$$.



Yes, the power supply is universal, you just plug adapter.


No, IMHO, it is just the very opposite type of it. How about to open up new perspective for yourself and start to use USB-C to Round Tip X cable (please scroll down to the bottom of page)? Yet, I don’t know which Tip of connector is for Librem laptop, adequate one for it is offered for sure. Someone else might give you correct size, not me, but Charby Sense - USB-C to USB-A Cable is what I choose to use with my Librem 5.

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Thank you for the tip. I looked at the Charby Pico in the link, and it does look interesting. I don’t quite get how it works, as different laptops have different requirements for input voltage and current.

Does anyone on the forum use this with their laptop, and can share regarding exact tip of connector, etc?

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Here is link to one sample that covers max. output of 19V-20V/3.25A (65W).