Power plug to usb C adaptor - anyone?

I am looking for a power plug adaptor from the barrel to usb C.
Has anyone done this??
What is the size of the powerplug barrel that goes inside the Librem 13V4??

any comments are appreciated .

do you know if it fits the Librem 13v4 ??

For example something like this one (as short 5A adapter) might be usable as well.

I realize I am looking for something that will accept the barrel end and adapt it to a usb c entrance.

Sorry, that was just a thought if you already possess 1 to 1.5 meters USB Type C to USB Type C (preferably 5A) cable. Please search for adequate cable yourself (if already in possession of at least 20V/65W charger, or at least one USB-C PD output with 20V/65W specs).

Many thanks for your help. I will need to go and hunt all these things now…

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So helpful
Many, many thanks

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I prefer this DC5.5*2.5 interface cable (with induction function, E-mark dual chip) rather than this one (but both are quality ones).